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Photos and film footage from our speakers, artists, exhibitors on the Motoring Literary & Art Festival.

Professor Peter Stevens will be speaking at the Festival on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd from10am until 11.30am.

Although sadly Sir Jackie Stewart won't be attending the event, here is a message from him about the Festival.

Designer and author Martin Port will be speaking at the Festival from 2pm until 3pm on Saturday 2nd.

Don Wales of Bluebird-Campbell Family Heritage Trust on the Festival

Interview of artist Joel Clark, discussing and showing his hand cut vinyl art.

Camel Trophy Winners – Bob and Joe Ives with event photographer and author Nick Dimbleby on the Festival

Robin Bark of Robin Bark Motor Art on the Festival

Andy Massen of Cotswold Road & Race on the Festival

Martin Jordan of Jarrotts on the Festival

A preview of some of Kevin McNicholas's artwork, which he will be showcasing at the Festival

Peter Windsor talks to Martin Tomlinson (an artist that will be exhibiting at the Festival) about his new book

Lawyer, author and accomplished speaker Paul Griffin, will be speaking at the festival from 3pm until 4..30pm on Saturday 2nd.

Steve of Motorsport Classics on the Festival

Keith of Paintbox on the Festival

Alastair Adams of Conway Stewart on the  Festival

Jean-Yves Tabourot of JYT Bespoke Art on the Festival

Vince Edmunds from Sterling Lee Auto Art on the Festival

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