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Together with motoring art, books were a major aspect of the Festival. A number of titles, from a variety of publishers, were featured and several were launched during the weekend. With a fine selection of authors present, there were plentiful signing sessions. Having a signed copy makes a book extra special, particularly if dedicated. So, this was the opportunity to obtain one or multiple appropriate signatures. Many of the authors, or relevant personalities, were speaking in the theatres with signing sessions at the conclusion.

Keith Helfet Photo copyright Chloe Knight 5.jpg

Porter Press Books launching at the Festival


Design & Desire - Keith Helfet

A Designer's Story

by Keith Helfet

When Keith Helfet embarked upon an ambitious project to create a new body shape for a secondhand Triumph Spitfire using little more than foam offcuts and plaster of Paris, a life as one of the world's most successful automotive designers seemed like an impossible dream. And yet that's precisely what he would become. After studying at London's prestigious Royal College of Art, the South-African born youngster secured a job at Jaguar, where he would meet his mentor – marque founder Sir William Lyons. Thanks to his encouragement and guidance, Helfet would go on to create a number of iconic designs such as the XJ220 supercar, the XK180 and the beautiful F-type concept created in 2000. With diversions into medical imaging, product design, power-assisted bicycles and electric vehicles, Design & Desire offers a personal insight into a unique and varied career that has spanned more than four decades – and counting…

The last eye witness

The pioneering motor racing photography of

Maurice-Louis Branger, 1902-1914

by Doug Nye


Is this a motor racing book or an art book? In fact, it is both. Published together for the first time, this unique collection features more than 160 images from celebrated photographer, Maurice Louis Branger. Illustrating a pioneering age of motor racing, Branger’s original glass plate negatives are expertly reproduced and showcase the efforts of the bold and the brave, from 1902-1914. From early city-to-city races such as the 1902 Paris-Vienna, to the Grand Prix ‘revival’ of 1914, this amazing account of one of motor racing’s most evocative and innovative periods includes authoritative, and superbly detailed accompanying text by Doug Nye, the world’s leading motorsport historian and author. ‘When Doug Nye first suggested this potential book to me,’ states publisher Philip Porter, ‘I was immediately intrigued. When I saw some sample images, I was utterly seduced. ‘One of the many challenges of publishing motoring books is the need to be sensible and be driven by the head, not the heart. With this one, I have failed! For me, the Porter Press team and of course our eminent author, this is a project very much driven by passion.’ Perhaps uniquely, this stunning 192-page record of those formative years is strictly limited to 100 books per year, plus just 10 copies of the hand-bound Collector's Edition per annum, worldwide.

Inside F1

The stories of the careers of seven stars of the sport

By Lee McKenzie

INSIDE F1 tells the stories of the careers of seven stars of the sport using Lee McKenzie’s personal contact and interviews throughout the years. Lee’s unique perspective takes readers through the highs and lows, and the controversies and crashes that led to some of the biggest and most memorable interviews in recent years.

Image of Lee McKenzie
Inside F1 book cover

From an early age, Lee McKenzie had access to a motorsport world that most are rarely allowed into. From spending time in the paddock as a teen to becoming a highly respected Formula One journalist and presenter, Lee has been at the heart of motorsport for almost twenty years. On the frontline of one of the most watched sports on the planet and gaining the respect of F1 world champions with her tough but fair interview approach, Lee has shared experiences, hire cars, parties and friendships with a host of drivers from Michael Schumacher to Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel to Jenson Button. Lee’s close relationship with the drivers makes INSIDE F1 an enthralling behind the scenes account of one of the biggest sports in the world. About the Author Lee McKenzie is a highly respected broadcast journalist and presenter who has worked across Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Sky Sports and covered some of the biggest news and sports events of recent times. She is best known for her work in Formula One, presenting and interviewing the drivers for Channel 4 and previously for the BBC. Lee has covered almost every series of motorsport around the world from sports cars to single seaters. Lee also presents international rugby and hosted the European Champions Cup for Channel 4 as well as the Paralympics. For the BBC she presents on both the men’s and women’s Six Nations, the Olympics, Wimbledon and her own personal passion, equestrianism. Lee has competed as a co-driver in rallying up to world championship level, became the first female to be the lead presenter on an F1 show in the UK and was the first female recipient of the prestigious Jim Clark Award.


Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive

The Last V12 Ferrari to Win at Le Mans’

A limited-edition book by Girardo & Co.

By Keith Bluemel

Oxfordshire, 4 August 2023 – Girardo & Co. is proud to present Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive – The Last V12 Ferrari to Win at Le Mans, of which only 550 individually numbered copies are now printed and available to purchase.

The racing version of the 550 Maranello built by Prodrive will go down in history at the final 12-cylinder Ferrari to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the most successful GT sports-racing car of its era. Now, with the blessing of the 550 Maranello Prodrive’s brainchild Frédéric Dor, the UK-based collector-car specialists Girardo & Co. and DK Engineering have published the definitive book about the Italo-Anglo titans. Conceived by Frédéric Dor’s Care Racing Development outfit and designed, developed and constructed by Prodrive, the Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrives entered 343 races across the world between 2001 and 2008, scoring 69 victories, 151 podium finishes and 60 pole positions. GTS class victory in the 2003 24 Hours of Le Mans and the outright Spa 24 Hours win in 2004 were undoubtedly the crowning moments. They’re extraordinary statistics and a testament to the expertise of Prodrive, whose skilled engineers and designers were able to unlock the racing potential of the Ferrari 550 Maranello – something several other motorsport outfits tried and failed to achieve. Over five years in the works, Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive – The Last V12 Ferrari to Win at Le Mans chronicles the entire story of the car across two volumes and over 592 pages, from its conception, development and competition career to its retirement, subsequent eligibility in the world of historic motorsport and legacy in the collector-car space. The respected Ferrari authority Keith Bluemel has authored the book, drawing on first-hand accounts from all the key characters instrumental in making the the 550 Maranello Prodrive programme such a success. These include Frédéric Dor himself, Prodrive founder David Richards and technical director George Howard-Chappell, the acclaimed designer who styled the Ferrari’s competition bodywork Peter Stevens, and a raft of the great drivers who raced the 550 Maranello Prodrive into motorsport lore. The latter group includes Darren Turner, Tomáš Enge, Peter Kox, Jamie Davies and David Brabham. Beautifully bound in a large square format and complete with a white slipcase, the two-volume 592-page book is lavishly illustrated with over 800 period and contemporary images, a large number of which have never been seen before. Also included are comprehensive race reports and ownership chains for each of the 12 individual Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive chassis built. Only 550 individually numbered copies of Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive – The Last V12 Ferrari to Win at Le Mans are available to purchase exclusively from Racing Web Shop, each priced at 550GBP or 630EUR. You can find the link at which to purchase the book here:

Driven to Crime book cover

Driven to Crime

True Stories of Wrongdoing in Motor Racing

By Crispian Besley

Motoring Book of The Year 2023 logo.png

People lie, cheat, steal and even kill for a variety of reasons, one of which is to go motor racing, a particularly expensive and egotistical sport. This intriguing book, the result of years of research, encompasses not just those who have been ‘driven to crime’ in order to pay for their sport but also characters within motor racing who have been involved in wrongdoing, sometimes through no fault of their own.

Over 60 true stories cover webs of deceit and numerous crimes including drug trafficking, corruption, embezzlement, robbery, fraud, murder and money laundering. The author investigates misdemeanours at all levels, from drivers, designers and mechanics to team owners, entrants and sponsors. This book will appeal not only to motor racing enthusiasts and cognoscenti on both sides of the Atlantic but also to anyone who enjoys reading about crime. Driven to Crime was the winner of the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Book of the Year (Overall), 2023.

The Past and the Spurious

The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars

By Paul Griffin

The Past and the Spurious book cover

Shortlisted for the 2023 Royal Automobile Club Motoring Book of the Year Award and the Publication of the Year in the 2023 Historic Motoring Awards. A historic car is both a precious asset and a piece of rolling history. Its value draws on its origins and its ownership is a responsibility, albeit often an exciting one. Yet how can you know that any important machine is what it seems? Increasingly, historic cars have been making their way towards the courts. At dispute is their identity, originality and authenticity. With compelling evidence from decided cases, and a personal reverence for the cars and the characters who built their mystique, Paul Griffin has created a compelling and fastidiously researched analysis. Legitimacy among collectors’ cars is under scrutiny as never before in this lavishly illustrated work of clear and essential reference. So… when is the apparent history not the whole story?

For Flux Sake book

For Flux Sake

Beer, fags and opposite-lock

By Ian Flux

Contrary to popular belief, ‘Fluxie’ did not enter the world on full opposite-lock, nor did he have a cigarette in one hand and a pint in the other. Destined to race, he never got the biggest breaks but he did become one of motorsport’s most colourful and best-loved characters, someone who has always lived life to the full.

His autobiography tells it how it was, covering not only the highs — including five championship titles — but also the many setbacks. Along the way we laugh with him about much of it, particularly the pranks, but also learn about some dark times that he has never previously divulged. This is a very different kind of racing driver’s memoir.

Is There Much More of This?

Tales of tracks, travels and TV

By Andrew Marriott

Journallist and broadcaster Andrew Marriott writes with a light and humorous touch about a multi-faceted career covering some six decades.

Is there much more of this_ By Andrew Mariott.jpg

He reckons he was the youngest ever person to report a Formula 1 race for a national publication and now the oldest person to regularly report from the pit lanes of Le Mans, Daytona and Silverstone. He has covered every aspect of car and bike racing from Formula 1 to NASCAR as well as World Championship motorcycle racing plus inshore and offshore powerboat racing. Along the way he has interviewed thousands of competitors and, indeed, show business personalities . He says that he has interviewed or worked with every Formula 1 World Champion bar Farina, Ascari and Hawthorn. He has been driven across Buenos Aires by Fangio, starred in a hilarious TV blooper episode with Mario Andretti, judged competitions with James Hunt, provided a flat floor for Jody Scheckter to sleep on, played charades with Jochen Rindt, persuaded Denny Hulme to go truck racing, covered up for Alan Jones after an altercation with a van driver and door-stepped Alain Prost as he came out of a Monaco portaloo. Ayrton Senna secretly signed his Lotus contract in front of Andrew but subsequently stood him up when the Brazilian decided that taking a ride in F16 jet was a better option than a Marriott interview. Add to that ghosting road tests and much more from motor cycle world champion Barry Sheene, working with George Harrison on a sponsorship deal and for 25 years interviewing the Le Mans 24 Hour winners at the end of the great race. He says he is not sure how many times he has covered the French classic but at least 50 and he has worked at over 130 different race tracks. He came up with the idea of a feature film about Steve McQueen which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and is currently working on a follow-up. Add to this a career in sports management and sponsorship embracing such events as the Hong Kong-Beijing Rally, various major Truck Races and the Birmingham Superprix. He has launched racing cars everywhere from London’s Albert Hall to a former carpet warehouse in Didcot. Add to that a brief career as a rally co-driver which included winning internationals in South Africa and the UK and finishing up stuck in a mud hole in Paraguay. So he has plenty to write about and he says he has enjoyed nearly all of it all but as the title suggests – Is There Much More of This? “It’s a piece of living history, from an age that could never be repeated. Irresistible to motor sport fans of all ages” – Motor Sport, December 2022

Ferrari 550
Inside F1
Driven to Crime
Past and the Spurious
For Flux Sake
Andrew Marriott
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