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Exhibitors at the festival included renowned book retailers and publishers, motoring artists, magazine publishers, makers of luxury writing instruments, chronographs and model cars, motoring memorabilia vendors, and world-class bookbinding demonstrations. See below for more details.

For more photos and film footage from our artists and exhibitors, visit the gallery page. 


Image copyright Max O'Neill


Image copyright Max O'Neill


Image copyright Max O'Neill

Amalgam Collection

Amalgam Collection occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models, fashioning unrivalled examples of the world’s most iconic and luxurious cars at scale. The only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches like Richard Mille, we have developed close partnerships with the world’s most important designers, engineers, drivers and manufacturer brands, not only delivering editions of models for their own internal use, but supplying development models, one-offs and displays of every kind. Every one of the models we make, whether it be for a private collector or a world-famous driver is the very best we can achieve with no effort or expense spared. We are continually striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship and to create masterpieces of model-making art with enduring value.


Ambrose Auto Art


Jonny Ambrose creates car sculptures inspired by aerodynamic forms, celebrating automotive artistry with graceful abstraction. His sculptures gain attention for their sleek beauty, often combining traditional steam-bent wood craftsmanship with digital design processes. Clients include Morgan, MG, Porsche Motorsport and Octane, having created trophies for the Quail Concours in the USA, along with multiple commissions for private individuals.

Jonny Ambrose Auto Art

Aran La 9 Year Old Artist and Designer

The promising 9 year old automotive artist and designer. With talent that has impressed world renown designers like Ian Callum, Frank Stephenson, Fabrizio Giugiaro and many others. These great designers have given him huge inspiration, which has lead him working to help and inspire other young artists and designers. His primary passion are for cars, but his love for Art extends to landscapes and much more. Having exhibited at the Goodwood Festival Speed 2023, you may have also seen him sketching at many shows and events such as the Concours De Elegance at Hampton Court Palace. He possesses the versatility of using different mediums including; pencil/pen drawings, acrylic and watercolour paintings which are available to purchase from his website. Commissioning of paintings have even stretched to clients from America, which he travelled to The Pebble Beach Concours to present. His aim is to continue to help and inspire others.

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aran and gto (1).jpg

Butterfield Press

Butterfield Press was founded in 2018 and publishes books related to the motor racing and motor manufacturing world. Butterfield books are designed, printed and bound by some of the finest craftsmen in the world.

Design and the Bristol Car

Chris Tyler – Aviation and Motoring Art

Chris's professional career started with an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an apprenticeship with Hawker Siddeley Aviation. He then became an aerodynamicist before becoming a Flight Test Engineer with Westland Helicopters (now Leonardo). During the 1990s he became a senior manager in National Air Traffic Services until retirement. Chris has been painting for most of his life and joined the Guild of Aviation Artists in 2009, exhibiting 5 paintings a year in the Mall Galleries since 2010. His joint passions of aviation and motorsport have been the subject of most of his recent paintings. You can find some of Chris's paintings on the Guild of Aviation Artists website at

Porsche 917 - Brands 1971.jpg

Chrono Emotions - Allemanotime

Founded by Giuseppe Allemano in 1856, after a long tradition in the production of measuring instruments with industrial applications, it has recently made its debut in the world of watchmaking. Manometers, thermometers and other equipment, used on vehicles and machinery and, from the beginning of the 20th century, on cars, are manufactured by the Turin-based company. And the Torpedo, the name by which the Fiat 501 was then called, came with an instrumentation that included an Allemano pressure gauge in 1919.


Classic Racing Spirit

‘Classic Racing Spirit’ aims to service the three main fan bases of Classic Bikes, Cars and Aircraft by supplying beautifully designed, hand crafted merchandise. Products are intended to be practical and functional, employing the intentions, skills and materials from each era. The owners of vintage bikes, cars and aircraft not only want to be able to operate their vehicles in the appropriate attire but also their lifestyle products need to reflect their values.

Classic Racing Spirit.png

Conway Stewart The British Pen

CS Shoebox Logo.jpg

Conway Stewart has been making pens in Great Britain since 1905, and famously Winston Churchill used them. With over 100 different pens on our website, there is something for everyone. See the Vanwall Pen, the Seamus Heaney Pen, the Shakespeare, the King Charles III Coronation Pen, and then there is the Doctor’s Pen, the Accountant’s Pen and the Lawyer’s Pen. All our pens and most of our accessories are hand made in Great Britain using the very best materials with the gold and silver components hall-marked to prove their quality and purity. For more information about the whole range of British-made luxury pens go to or call 0333 006 4646


Dalton Watson Fine Books

Building on over forty years of Dalton Watson automotive and related publishing, we are now producing many new and attractive books including recent ones covering topics such as Bentley, Maserati and Sports Car Racing in the South. Within the Icon series, there are popular books on Steve McQueen, The Beatles and more to come. Some earlier books, which have become collector’s items, are being revised and reprinted because of their continued popularity.

Dalton Watson Books.jpg

David Thomas Motoring Books

David Thomas has been collecting motoring books, brochures and automobilia since the late 1970s, attending his first autojumble as a seller at Brands Hatch in 1980. Following fifteen years as a tour operator, he took the business full time in 1999. David specialises in Italian marques and coachbuilders but his interests naturally extend to other areas of the automobile world as well. Based in the picturesque market town of Ledbury in Herefordshire, customers are welcome to collect their purchases or bring in any items they wish to sell although it’s advisable to make an appointment before travelling. David Thomas Motoring Books exhibits regularly at events throughout the country and offers a worldwide mail order service through its website

david-thomas-motoring-books-motoring-literary-art-festival .jpg

Dawn Bosley Bentley Artist

Dawn specialises in creating beautiful and unique artwork that celebrates the craftsmanship and engineering of luxury cars. She is passionate about her work and committed to providing her clients with the highest quality workmanship, by using her expertise to create artworks that are both visually stunning and technically proficient. Dawn creates bespoke commissioned one-off pieces as well as limited edition artwork produced on Archival Giclee Paper or Acrylic on Canvas. Dawn invites you to explore her website and learn more about her work, and to hopefully giving you the inspiration to commission a piece of work of your own car.

Dawn Bosley Photo.jpeg

Bluebird - Campbell Family Heritage Trust

Drawing from the Best

Fine art illustrations of sporting subjects: Formula 1, Moto GP, Superbikes, Touring Cars and all forms of saloon and single seater racing as well as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and aerial views of sports stadiums. All of Brian Casey’s artworks are faithfully reproduced to a very high standard. Corporate, commercial and private commissions welcomed. Drawing from the Best’s fine art sporting illustrations are available either as Original Art, Limited Edition prints or Open Ended prints.

Drawning from the Best logo

Evro Publishing Limited

Evro Publishing is an award-winning publisher of high-quality books about motorsport. Founded in 2014, Evro has established itself as the world’s leading publisher of English-language motorsport books, inning wide acclaim for its top-quality publications by the fnest authors on the best subjects.

Evro books_edited.jpg – Kevin McNicholas - Kevin McNicholas painting - Lewis II.jpg

Kevin McNicholas has been able to gain access to the highly technical but extremely secretive world of F1 motor racing by painting pictures of the cars for leading luminaries of the sport, including Nigel Mansell, Ron Dennis and Sir Frank Williams. “I paint on canvas panels in a photo-realistic style using acrylic paint with traditional brushes. I don’t use an airbrush and wouldn’t know where to start with one. I don’t like to lose the texture of the canvas, so I am extremely careful with the consistency of the paint.” The image is drawn with graphite pencil followed by ink and a grid is used to ensure the perspective is correct. The image is then built up gradually with thinned layers of paint. This is a very time consuming process, which means on average each painting takes around 1200 hours to complete.

Fiorano Publishing

Fiorano Publishing_edited.jpg

We feature specialist Ferrari books as well as hard-to-find collector’s items, including items signed by Enzo Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel and more. Many items are one-offs.

Gavin McMurray

Born and bred in Edinburgh, this artist chose, against his Father’s advice, to pursue a career in signwriting and commercial art rather than go to art college. This decision was driven by the artist’s desire to start earning right away so he could buy a buy a car and get a girl - when you are a seventeen-year-old boy, it’s all about cars and girls. The first car is long gone, but he still has the same girl! Fast-forward forty years, after a long and successful career in signmaking the pandemic created the time and space for his interest in art to re-awaken and for many hundreds of hours to be spent learning a new craft – automotive art. A visit to Bicester Heritage Centre led to his first painting of note; a composition featuring the Henri Toivonen Lancia 037 Group B rally car alongside the roadgoing homologation special, the Lancia Stradale, upon which it was based. This was followed by a project, still in progress, to paint the celebrated new Lotus Emira, the last internal combustion engine Lotus will make, in all six First Edition colours. Gavin’s preferred medium is acrylics on canvas, painting at a scale that allows faithful reproduction of every detail. Portraits are also painstakingly executed, one of his large format works finishing in the top 100 of the Scottish Portrait Awards in 2022. He signs his work G. Y. McMurray to honour his late father Yuel, a talented artist who was responsible for Gavin’s lifelong passion for classic, competition and performance cars. Yuel painted cars in his youth and during his commercial art career painted the sponsors’ livery on cars campaigned by the local Garagiste, John Laidlay. These included the Hope Scott Chevron B49 driven by Andrew Jeffrey, often seen locked in battle with Jim Crawford and David Leslie’s Hope Scott Ralt RT4 which won almost every race in which it competed. Gavin retains an interest and active role in Merson Group, who manufacture dealership branding on a global scale for Lotus and Aston Martin, while also looking after the UK dealership signage for Volvo, Ford and Honda. His own Lotus Emira, in Dark Verdant green the same as one of his exhibited works, can often be seen enjoying the best driving roads in Scotland and further afield.

20231004_144033 (1).jpg


Harry Gravett is 24 year old car designer who dedicates his free time to hand drawing photorealistic artworks of cars using graphic marker pens, pencil crayons and techniques used by car designers of yesteryear. A lifelong petrolhead and Ferrari fan, Harry has always used his creative abilities to express his passion for the cars he loves; however, there's only so many pieces of artwork you can do for yourself, hence why Harry started HGravettDesign to draw them for other people too!

HGravett Design.JPG
HGravett Design 1.jpg

Historic Car Art

Historic Car Art has been operating from its rural Derbyshire base since 2004. A business built over time from a passion for cars, their history and the racing exploits of drivers and manufacturers combined with a great interest in how this has all been depicted over the years in both artwork and promotional advertising. The founder of the company believes very strongly in bringing high quality products and a first class personal service to its clients. This approach means that Historic Car Art is now a leader in the acquisition and supply of original automotive art and vintage posters, building collections for discerning private and corporate clients worldwide. Alongside this Historic Car Art publishes the highest quality fine art prints by leading automotive artists. Using only the best materials each print is produced in small limited edition runs and is signed and numbered by the artist.

image001 (2).jpg

Above: Neil Collins

Hortons Books Ltd

Hortons Books are the leading suppliers of out-of-print and new motoring literature. Our vast inventory includes; rare and limited editions, numerous out of print books and most new motoring titles currently available worldwide. We pride ourselves on finding and supplying the rarest motoring books and brochures ever published. We have a stock of circa 12,000 books and sales brochures that will eventually be made available on this website. We simply ask that you contact us if there is a book that you require, as we may well stock it, or know where we can source a copy.

Hortons Library - Books on Shelves.jpg

Illustrator Maker

Illustrator Maker, Terry Putman is a Designer, Illustrator and Artist based in Northants.

Illustrator maker - Terry Putnam.jpg

Irene Jonker

Charcoal artist.

Irene Jonker  Photo copyright Chloe Knight 2.jpg

Jaguar Automobilia

Ian runs a bi-annual on-line auction for Jaguar Automobilia. Entries range from the Swallow days right through to the XJ220 and the TWR/Silk Cut racing years. If you would like to enter items for future auctions, or are interested in bidding, email Ian at

Jaguar Automobilia logo

JARROTTS – Photography, Autographs & Rare Memorabilia


Where the great photographs come from (and more) – printed from the original negatives & transparencies in the darkroom, archival standard or large format. Bespoke garage installations. Archive library for editorial, private or commercial use. Trusted suppliers of rarities, original driver autographs, vintage memorabilia, unique items and race-used helmets. For the collector.

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J.K. Kelly

Jim ‘JK’ Kelly is a long-time motorsports industry veteran and the author of the very well received F1/CIA thriller Deadly Driver. ‘I was humbled by the great reviews Deadly Driver received,’ Kelly said. ‘It’s not every day that racing notables like David Hobbs, NHRA Funny Car Champion Ron Capps, Hurley Haywood, Ted West, Lynn St. James, Alan Reinhart, and Kelly Wade give fiction such a big thumbs-up.’ Former U.S. Secret Service Agent and author C.E. Albanese called it. ‘A well-crafted thriller’, adding, ‘It was gritty, brutal, propulsive, and had an American James Bond feel to it. I loved it.’ Kelly is scheduled to attend the Motoring & Literary Art Festival, where a limited number of hard-cover copies of a sequel, titled Switchback, are expected to be revealed in time for the Christmas holiday. The novels follow the exploits of Bryce Winters, an American racing champion compromised by the CIA and forced to act as a spy and professional assassin, relying on his celebrity to access the powerful enemies of his homeland and of the U.K. Switchback, the sequel, picks up the action and intrigue as rogue CIA agents pursue Winters to his first race of the season, the Rolex 24-hour race at Daytona, USA, where the U.S. book launch will officially take place. For more information about Kelly’s books or screenplays, visit or email


John Hamilton Motoring Artist

John is a self taught artist and it was in 1990 that he started drawing cars in pencil with his first sketch being of a Ford Pop 103e. He then experimented using various mediums so he could produce the images in a choice of colours. He finally settled for digital art, as it allowed him more flexibility and creativity.

John Hamilton Motoring Artist escort painting_edited.jpg

Joff Carter

Until recently I worked under the name Artfortyeight – you might have come across me at Goodwood, Silverstone and other historic motorsport events over recent years. In that time I have been lucky enough to meet hundreds of fellow motorsport enthusiasts, many of whom have become great friends, supporters and customers; this has all brought me to a point where now, as an established motorsport artist, it’s time to work under my own name: Jonathan Carter, known to most as Joff. My admiration for the ‘golden era’ of motorsport was nurtured from boyhood by my late father (himself an artist), who as well as having a soft spot for racing’s underdogs – Parnell and Wharton especially – also loved restoring old motorbikes, the smell of Castrol R, and heading off to gatherings of fellow enthusiasts in his 1959 Alfa Giulietta Spider. Having obtained a degree in Graphic Design, I worked as an artist and illustrator before sidestepping into the world of commercial graphics and print production for 11 years. This stint in digital media completely reinvigorated the way I work; my originals combine traditional techniques with high technology in evocative, illustrative compositions that often feature text, vignettes or snippets of memorabilia and reveal a little more with every closer inspection.

Joff Carter - 'Still I Rise'

Jonathan Ranger Motor Racing Automobilia

Period Motoring and Motor Racing memorabilia from 1900 to 1970's bought and sold, including books, programmes and more.

Jonathan Ranger Motor Racing Automobilia.jpg

Julian Kirk Motoring Art

Julian is an artist with an international reputation who has worked in New York and Tokyo as well as London. He is best known for his motoring cartoons and over many years, has contributed to a number of British newspapers and journals. He has also illustrated books such as Christopher Hilton's works on Senna and Murray Walker. Julian grew up in a family of artists and his early influences were his father’s work as well as Saul Steinberg, the great New Yorker cartoonist, Rowland Emmett, W. Heath Robinson and, especially, the brilliant Punch contributor H. M. Bateman. His fascination with classic cars began at an early age when the die was cast by a chance encounter with a copy of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars during a stay in hospital as a thirteen-year-old. In Julian's own words “I recovered from appendicitis only to emerge from hospital with something more chronic and life-changing - a love of classic cars!” As well as his art, Julian also has a “hands-on” appreciation of the cars themselves. At the age of 16, he bought a 1937 MG TA wreck from his art master at school and soon learned that old cars had their own precious smell composed of cracked leather, decayed petrol, grease and leaking Hypoid gear oil. Jaguars followed, all in need of complete restoration or reconstruction. An E-Type semi-lightweight followed a C-Type replica while he worked on Astons, Talbots and others for friends. Each year, Julian has created 12 specially-commissioned cartoons for his Jaguar calendar. The 10th anniversary edition has now been launched for 2024 and is available on the Jaguar Automobilia website at this link - Julian is also very happy to take commissions on a wide range of motoring subjects - be they cars, people or events. You can email Julian at

Julian Kirk - Aston v Ferrari.jpg

JYT Bespoke Art

The art critic and car historian Brian Sewell once declared that ‘motor racing is like art; both are about describing a line’. Rarely has this been more true than in the work of Jean-Yves Tabourot. Based in the heart of the UK’s illustrious ‘motorsport valley’ - the famous strip of Oxfordshire that’s home to such notable names as Williams, McLaren, Renault, Mercedes, Force India and Red Bull The years spent combining engineering with artistry have led JYT on fascinating journeys of creative discovery, working with and immortalising the cars he and his clients love in his uniquely distinctive way, capturing the style and soul of these beautiful machines through their exquisite lines, details and features.


Lou Boileau Photography

Lou Boileau is an accomplished photographer and has photographed many celebrity portraits from the world of entertainment, fashion and motor racing. As well as the portraits, Lou creates lifestyle images that tell a story, whether on a film set, or behind the scenes of motor racing circuit. His work has been exhibited in many galleries and exhibitions, including the British Film Institute; he also has nine pieces in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Lou’s work is for sale as Ltd edition prints.

Hill Climb .jpg

Ludlow Bookbinders

Ludlow Bookbinders are steeped in the finest traditions of English Craft Bookbinding. It is our belief that our hand bound books, properly looked after, will last for generations and there's not much, made now, that will do that! We produce short run, leather or cloth bound books, for bespoke Limited Editions, complete with slipcases or Solander boxes. Our award-winning design team will work with you to produce a stunning book that reflects your personality and that of the author or your organisation.

Maserati, the Family Silver

The definitive history of one of motor racing’s most iconic marques the award winning Maserati, the Family Silver is the masterwork of leading automotive historian Nigel Trow, previously acclaimed for his highly regarded and now now highly collectable Lancia histories. Signed copies of Maserati, the Family Silver will be available on the stand, along with a selection of prints by Michael and Graham Turner.

Maserati logo.jpg
Maserati Daily Prize Draw.jpg

Maxwell Broad & Co

Maxwell Broad & Co. is the accumulation of over half a century and four generations worth of an inherited passion to seek out the curios and collectibles of the world. This passion drives us in all that we do, curating all objects of class and value.

Maxwell Broad & Co_edited.jpg

MHD Watches


MHD Watches are designed in the UK by Automotive Designer Matthew Humphries, who at 21 was made the Chief designer at Morgan Motor Company. Matthew is best known for designing cars such as the stunning Morgan Aeromax, Morgan Aero Supersports and the Morgan 3 wheeler. Established in 2014, MHD Watches are an independent British watch micro brand who produce limited edition motoring watches with an engineered design aesthetic, inspired by automotive design and engineering. MHD are proud to only sell exclusively direct to you the customer, that puts the customer directly in touch with the watchmaker and takes out all the expensive middlemen.


Motor Racing Art by Martin Tomlinson

Cars are a life-long passion of mine. Racing, sports, classics and supercars, I've painted them all! I hope that this passion and enthusiasm comes across in my art, which has been exhibited at Silverstone, Goodwood, Le Mans and in London's West End. My motor racing and car paintings are owned by drivers, teams, sponsors, collectors and enthusiasts across the globe.

Martin Tomlinson painting - Breadvan (copyright Martin Tomlinson).jpg

Motor Sport

Motor Sport magazine can trace its roots back to July 1924 when the Brooklands Gazette was first published. The title was renamed Motor Sport the following year and since then the magazine has continued, becoming the authoritative voice on the motor racing world.


Motorsport Classics

A collection of exclusive photographs from the 1970s onwards Forumula 1, sports cars, Le Mans, Lifestyle photos of your favourite classic cars and drivers. Beautiful prints for your home, office or garage. You will find a unique collection of photographs that you won't find anywhere else. All prints are professionally crafted and printed on the highest quality materials to avoid colour fade. Prints are available either as mount or framed and are all signed by automotive photographer Steve Theodorou.

Motorsport Classics 1985 Ayrton Senna Lotus.jpg

Myrtle Press

The Myrtle Press was set up in April 2010 by Tom Rubython to publish non-fiction books written by him and his team of writers and researchers. Myrtle also publishes a small number of books by other authors. BusinessF1 is published every month (January to December - 12 issues a year) on the last Thursday of the month. It is posted all over the world to subscribers at no extra charge, wherever you live or work

Myrtle Press.jpg

Opus Media

At Opus, our mission is to produce definitive publications featuring the finest writers, stunning images displayed on an epic scale and presented in a beautifully-designed, luxury format. Whether it is honouring football giants Manchester United FC, celebrating the work of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood or reviewing the fascinating history of The Saatchi Gallery, Opus promises to deliver the story of a subject in the most unique and cinematic way. The official cooperation of the governing body, company, club or individual associated with each Opus allows us to take you closer to the biggest names in sport, fashion, music and the arts than ever before.

Opus Media.png


The Paintbox Gallery has been established in the city of Worcester since 1994 at Bank Street and Mealcheapen Street. We are now working from a retail workshop at the rear of the Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich Spa. We are still offering a full bespoke framing service as well as more specialised retail products. We are always interested in buying good quality used items related to motorsport, photography, hand craft tools and anything else of eclectic interest. If you have anything you feel might be of interest, please call or send a photo, as we are always looking to add to our stock. We have a wide customer base and attend many show events where we are keen to sell interesting, quality items.Over the years, we have taken part in numerous motor racing events, such as Goodwood Revival and Festival, Silverstone and more local events like Shelsley Walsh and Prescott Hill Climb and as a result have a large stock of all types of motorsport art from many different sources. We have represented one of the leading motorsport artists, Tony Smith for many years and have been fortunate enough to have sold many of his original artworks and been the publisher for his limited edition prints.

Paintbox McQueen 917 Porsche.jpg

Paul Griffin

After a first career as a City lawyer engaged in international deal-doing, Paul has moved to marry interests and enthusiasms in his writings as an author. His work as an academic, and in litigation and arbitration, have come together with his long-time participation in the world of historic cars. And the disputes, differences and developments of the historic car business over recent years have fuelled The Past and The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars.

Dr John 3.JPG

Performance Publishing

Performance Publishing is an independent automotive publishing house and design and print studio.

Performance Publishing logo.png

Pop Bang Colour

Contemporary British artist renowned for creating artwork using radio-controlled cars, car tyres and toy car wheels #PaintwithCars. He also creates #ContinuousCar drawings with one continuous line.


Porter Press International


Around the world, Porter Press International is renowned for publishing top-quality motoring books. Founded in 2005 by acclaimed automotive author Philip Porter, the company is now firmly established as a leading publisher of motoring and motorsport books. Our list of published titles is expanding all the time with exciting new individual titles, additions to the established series, as well to our very popular Land-Rover collection. Each new volume confirms Porter Press International as the publisher of choice for discerning motoring enthusiasts and fine book collectors.

Porter Press books

Speed Icons by Joel Clark

SPEED ICONS is a collection of artworks created by Joel Clark and his publishers Historic Car Art that focus on the simple, graphic, striking colours and shapes of racing and sports cars. JOEL CLARK is self-diagnosed “petrol-head” from an early age, Clark began his career as a vinyl sticker maker for race teams at Silverstone. He then went to art college followed by 15 years of professional work with some of the worlds top advertising agencies. Clark knows that when cars speed past us on the race track it’s not their engines or drivers that we really see; it’s the oranges, blues, whites, reds in shapes and patterns. It’s their colours. Though Clark is a skilled artist in various traditional media, evident from his oil paintings, it’s his unique workings in vinyl that most resoundingly exhibit his understanding of the relationship between colour and motorsport. “I have now gone full circle” Clark explains, “and returned to the unique skill I learnt back at Silverstone, hand-cutting the vinyl graphics for racing cars, but now hand cutting vinyl to create artworks of iconic classic racing cars and liveries” Each piece is the result of 20-30 hours of carefully working with a scalpel to hand-cut out the hundreds of intricate puzzle-like shapes of colour that make up an image. Rendering an entire scene in vinyl is especially challenging because of the limited palette the material is available in. This constraint, however, results in works of art that are in precisely the same colour as his subjects. On the surface, Clark’s work appears to be just many coloured shapes and negative space. But, in the way of an Impressionist painting, or a blur of race cars at speed, these daubs of colour and the absence of fine detail are transfixing, thrilling and so much more than they appear. The SPEED ICONS collection is available as beautiful limited edition prints.


Stella Scordellis – Premium Automotive Photography

Stella has been photographing people and their loves for over 30 years. Crafting images to create provenance and a lasting memory beyond the fading of time. Bringing a personal perspective to commissions which include photographing classic & supercar collections in locations meaningful to the owner – beautifully presented within a tailor-made coffee table book or wall art. Her creative eye and love of action has taken her and her cameras behind the scenes into the wonderful world of Formula One at the British Grand Prix. Stella’s photographs of some of the most sought-after classic and supercars are sold as limited editions and the Artists Proofs of these are available to purchase at the inaugural Motoring & Literacy Art Festival this December. Stella is based in Oxted, Surrey and had a high street studio there for 23 years until August 2019 when she decided it was time to move on. Her contact details are or mobile 0777 181 0105

Stella Scordellis Ferrari F40 Back.jpg

Sterling Lee Auto Art

Sterling Lee Auto Art creates stunning works of automotive art in oils or acrylics and glass. Car art is unique and distinctive, focussing on the personality of the vehicle by only detailing parts of the cars. Glass art is beautifully gilded in 24K gold leaf and palladium leaf representing classic marque emblems within a three dimensional frame arrangement. Private commissions are regularly undertaken, as well as offering limited edition and open edition prints.


The Art of Richard Wheatland - Engineering with a Brush

Richard has drawn and painted cars and aeroplanes from an early age, however it was a visit to the Roy Nockolds Memorial exhibition in 1980 which gave him the impetus to start to take his art more seriously. Richard held his first exhibition at an enthusiast gathering on the historic site of Brooklands motor course in 1983. Since those early years Richard has exhibited at most of the major historic motoring events in the UK as well as exhibiting in the US. His Aviation art has also taken him to the US as an overseas member of the American Society of Aviation Artists where he has won a number of awards. Richard is a founder member of the Guild of Motoring Artists in the UK and also a full member of The Guild of Aviation Artists. Many will recognise Richard as the ‘Christmas Card’ artist for the motor industry charity BEN. Richard is now painting his 33rd consecutive design for BEN, having started in 1989. After 40 years in engineering Richard has now retired full-time to his studio in West Sussex, where he paints in both watercolour and gouache and oil on canvas, he is always pleased to discuss commissioned paintings and his prices start at £350 for a small watercolour and gouache painting. E mail Website

The Art of Richard Wheatland painting

Twyford Moors

Twyford Moors takes pride in being the UK's leading Jaguar XK specialist. We have some 40 years of experience in the restoration, maintenance and sale of Jaguar's classic sports cars, the XK120, XK140, XK150 and the E-Type. We have global reach, with clients from all over Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia.

Twyford Moors logo png.jpg

Vintage Sports-Car Club

Vintage and historic cars evoke enthusiasm and spark a passion; and since 1934 the Vintage Sports-Car Club has provided an arena for people to enjoy pre-war cars competitively and socially. Active in every aspect of motoring and motorsport for pre-war cars, the VSCC is one of the largest and best regarded motoring clubs in the world. With such a diverse range of motoring disciplines on offer there is plenty of scope to become involved, whether as a car owner, marshal, competitor or enthusiast. All are welcome to enjoy the VSCC and its many activities, but why not join this great movement and take advantage of 85 years of history and tradition? Members enjoy discounted tickets to Club motorsport events, favourable rates with motoring service companies including auction houses, insurers, breakdown services and motor manufacturers. Members receive a monthly Newsletter in both postal and online interactive formats and also receive our award winning quarterly Bulletin magazine. At the Club’s HQ in Oxfordshire there is a wealth of motoring history, built around an extensive reference library of books and periodicals, photos and films is available to members. What’s more, you don’t have to own a pre-war car to be a member. Enthusiasm for their use is all you need. Whether concours touring cars or eccentric, unique ‘specials’ are your fascination, the VSCC upholds the tradition of this golden era of motoring for young and old at an affordable price.

VSCC logo.jpg

Yew Tree Gallery - John Lawson

John Lawson is a technical, graphic and traditional artist. His 40-year career working for private clients and the publishing industry has seen him develop a range of techniques from the more traditional through to digital. Although much of his work has been automotive with regard to his paintings and technical illustrations, his infographic projects have covered medical, architectural, naval and military subjects. His initial hopes of becoming an engineer in the automotive world took a different road when it was suggested combining the engineering and a love of art. The problem-solving of design and also form over function is a driving force for John.

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